Harpford Weather

This section is home to pictures of weather events, or other pictures that I have taken.

At the moment it mainly includes weather events that have occurred over the years (mainly flooding or when we actually get snow), however I plan to more general photos showing the typical weather variety we get through the year, or general scenery photos from the area.

Weather event photographs

The ‘Ottery’ storm - 30th October 2008

January 2009 flood

Snowfall - February 2009

Cold and snow - January 2010

Cold and snow - December 2010

Blackdown Hills Snow February 2012

July 2012 flooding

November 2012 flooding

‘St Jude's Day’ storm October 2013 (Surrey)

Winter 2013-14 storms/floods (Devon)

Winter 2013-14 flooding (River Thames - Surrey and Berkshire)

Flooding from storm ‘Katie’ March 2016

November 2016 flooding

Snow and Freezing rain - March 2018

More snow - March 2018

General photographs

Noctilucent clouds

River Otter

Close-ups (dew/rain on plants)