Welcome to Harpford Weather. Here you will find the latest and past weather data from my Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station located in the village of Harpford which is situated in the Otter Valley, East Devon.

Information on this site also includes the latest and recent weather conditions, graphs over various time spans, various past weather statistics, as well as station records and other data. The past weather data spans from October 2007 when the station was installed to the present. There is also a Photo Gallery and a ‘Links & Other’ page with various info that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

I run this site as part of my interest in the weather/climate and recording it and I hope you enjoy my site. I try to make sure the weather data is as accurate as reasonably possible but it is worth noting that it is not ‘official’ data. As I have recently started studying at University, the station is currently set up with a netbook (mini-laptop) to reduce power usage while keeping the data up-to-date during the daytime. This station also reports to Weather Underground and ‘WOW

Notable events: August is now considerably wetter than average with around 120mm having fallen as of the 23rd.


Note: Problems with the automatic rain gauge are causing it to under-read or over-read, hence readings are subject to corrections using a manual gauge. This may cause sudden jumps on rainfall total graphs when corrections are applied.


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Click above to view the photo gallery which contains weather and scenery photos I’ve taken from around the area.




Brief 2014 summary:

Updated: 02/01/15

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